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Click to download RFPNC24GroveStreetSidewalk

Click to download RFQ 603-COF 1516233 Addendum 1-Inspection and Testing Services Baseball Venue

Click to download Addendum 4 – RFQ – Downtown Urban Design Plan

Click to download Addendum 3 – RFQ – Parking Mgt Plan for Downtown.

Download Addendum 1 – RFQ – Parking Management Plan for the City of Fayetteville Downtown Area

Addendum 2 for RFQ – Parking Management Plan for the City of Fayetteville Downtown Area

What agencies will/may be involved in the stakeholder group?

Various Department Reps from City of Fayetteville, Cool Springs District staff, Cumberland County staff, Arts Council staff (optional), Chamber of Commerce staff (optional), Downtown Developers/Business Owners representative.

Will/should a public outreach component be included?

Public outreach component will need to be included.

When was the City’s last parking inventory conducted, and did it include private parking lots?

2009 or before, private parking lot inventory is limited.

What format is the last parking inventory? Spreadsheet (XLSX), Geospatial (GIS) or other?

Hardcopy or electronic .pdf version of downtown parking map.

The evaluation criteria note “proposed cost of services,” however the requirements for the response do not include this item. Is a full scope with cost required for the submittal?

No, pricing information will be negotiated with the successful firm upon notification of award.

The page count is set at 20. To clarify is this a count of 10, 8 ½” x 11” sheets with print on front and back or 20, 8 ½” X 11” sheets with print on front and back?

The page count is 20 pages single-sided.

Addendum #3: RFQ – Downtown Urban Design Plan for Fayetteville, North Carolina

1. The Bid Documents are hereby modified per the attached Addendum #3 dated December 22, 2017. To include the following:

Page Limit – The RFP states, “the entire statement of qualifications not to exceed 15 pages”. Are the 15 pages to be single or double-sided?

The entire statement of qualifications should not exceed 15 single-sided pages.

Small Local Business Enterprise Program – Can you please provide more information regarding this? Is there a certain participation goal that must be met?

No goal is required but we encourage utilization of small, local and minority businesses. The following are firms requesting to be utilized for this project:

Wrijen Company Attention:

TJ Jenkins 910-480-1800

Jeff Nelson Draper Aden Associates’ Fayetteville 804-264-2228

Joseph Threadcraft

Threadcraft Engineering, Inc.


Crawford Design Company


Would the cover letter, Attachment A (Section 1), Bidder Information sheet, resumes (Section 4) and references (Section 8) be excluded from the maximum 15 page count?

No, those pages are not excluded from the 15 page count.

What is the project budget and are there any requirements for submitting a fee proposal with our technical proposal?

This project is being funded by a $100,000 grant from Rural Economic Development Division of the NC Department of Commerce.

Is an updated market study needed for this effort?

Please see attachments 1-5.

The last bullet of the Selection Criteria section mentions sample materials. Are we required to submit samples of our work product? If so, would that also be excluded from the maximum 15 page count?

Yes you are required to submit samples. No that will not be excluded from the maximum 15 page count.

What type of steering committee will manage the planning process? What groups/organizations/entities would the City envision as stakeholders on the steering committee?

The steering committee will be a group of citizens appointed by the City Council. All of those with a vested interest in Fayetteville’s downtown development and growth.

Does the City’s plans for investment in a park on the Cape Fear River tie into the Downtown Urban Design Plan?

That will be decided through this planning process.

Are there any specific aspirations/goals about the level of public engagement in developing the plan (for example, number of meetings)? If so, can you please share more information?

The City will require adequate public engagement to complete the goals of this Urban Planning process.

The City will require adequate public engagement to complete the goals of this Urban Planning process.


2. The foregoing changes shall be incorporated in the Bid Documents, and a copy of the Addendum #3, signed by the Bidder, must accompany the Bid to indicate the Bidder’s familiarity with the changes.

Bidder Acknowledgement:

Bidder Name (Print):

Bidder Signature: Date of Signature:

Attachment #1

 Evaluation of key Downtown assets and anchors; Recommendations for infill development, parking, pedestrian and bicycle transportation infrastructure to create a more walkable and interconnected Downtown.

 Relationships explored between the expanded Veterans Park, proposed Civil War History Center, Catalyst Site One, the Cape Fear River and the possible Performing Arts Center.

 Connection of Downtown businesses to major employers and major traffic generators.

 Comprehensive guide for Downtown urban design that fosters sustainable economic growth.

 Promotion of sustainable development that will result in aesthetically-pleasing design and synergistic land use combinations.

 Incorporation of policies and initiatives from New Urbanism, USGBC LEED-Neighborhood Design, and other best practices.

 Outline of a flexible development process to achieve high quality development utilizing clear graphic design.

 Policy tool recommendations to guide desired physical form through new development.

 Evaluation of the physical relationships between existing public infrastructure (buildings, parks, public amenities, street network, streetscapes, parking, trash collection/recycling, etc.) to determine how that infrastructure can be leveraged to support new or expanded Downtown development, including the baseball stadium complex.

 Strengthening of the linkages and reinforce gateways and corridors between the surrounding neighborhoods and Downtown; and reinforce corridors related to Downtown.

 Policy recommendations that help realize and promote a healthy mix of land uses within the Downtown, including the need for additional open space.

 Evaluation of known infrastructure plans and capital improvements, such as utility projects, that can be leveraged to enhance urban design.

Attachment #2

By or before:

Sept. 15, 2017

Grant Proposal Form submitted to State Dept. of Commerce, Rural Economic Development Division (State)

Oct. 15, 2017

Grant Contract received from State.

Oct. 23, 2017

City Council approves contract; Contract executed with the State for grant funds.

Jan. 1, 2018

RFP Process; Contract awarded; Consultant work commences.

July 15, 2018

Progress report to State.

Sept. 17, 2018

Final Urban Design Plan deliverables received by City

Oct. 15, 2018

Contract completed; All grant funds expended; Final report to State


1- Arts Council of Fayetteville/Cumberland County with busker in front. Located at 301 Hay Street.

2- Market House, National Historic Register Landmark. Located at Green, Person, Hay, & Gillespie Streets.

3- 300 Hay Retail & Condominiums. Located at 300 Hay Street.

4- Hay Street looking east toward Market House, Winner of 2013 Great Places Award by the NC Chapter of the American Planning Association & 2014 Best Restoration of a Historical Property by Fayetteville/Cumberland County Joint Appearance Commission. Located at 100, 200, & 300 blocks of Hay Street

5- Franklin Street Parking Garage, Winner of 2013 Carolinas Parking Association Award of Excellence for New Facility Design, and 2013 International Parking Institute Award of Excellence. Located at 208 Franklin Street.

6- Pedestrian Connection between NC Veterans Park and Airborne & Special Operations Museum. See item 10, below. Located at 200 Bragg Boulevard.

7- Festival Park, Winner of 2007 AIA NC Merit Award, 2008 AIA Triangle Honor Award, and 2009 Inform Magazine Design Award, Corner of Ray Avenue & Rowan Street.

8- Cameo Art House Theatre, Winner of 2002 Carraway Award for Historic Preservation, 225 Hay Street.

9- Wayfinding Signage, Greater Fayetteville Area.

10- North Carolina Veterans Park, Winner of 2013 National Public Works Project of the Year by APWA, 2014 Tri-State Design Recognition Award in General Design by NC-ASLA, and 2014 Marvin Collins Award in Planning Implementation by APA-NC. Located at 300 Bragg Boulevard.

11- Liberty Point & Person Street Retail. View of Person Street looking west from Bow and Franklin Streets.

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